Morrison’s Cove community website (Bedford Co., PA)

The above is an excellent website for the community in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, where many Brumbaughs have lived since the 1780s– including Jacob’s second son John and Jacob’s only daughter, Mary Elizabeth Brumbaugh Ulery (wife of Brethren Elder Samuel Ulery a/k/a Ulrich, whose father and brothers also settled there). Many Brumbaughs still live there today. There is also a Brumbaugh Mountain and a Brumbaugh road in the southern end of the Cove, and a Brumbaugh cemetery in the northern end. The image below is of a survey from 1786 of one of Jacob Brumbaugh Sr.’s land tracts in New Enterprise where John and the Ulerys also settled. When the book is published, you will be able to learn what hazards Jacob had to overcome to buy the land but at the same time avoid being sucked into the cesspool of land speculation schemes and personal bankruptcies of the land speculators, particularly Samuel Wallis, that followed the bursting of the land bubble in 1796. Hint: a noted pacifist martyr in Philadelphia helped him, although the correspondence detailing their bumpy negotiations over price and other terms will leave you laughing as these two old men, pacifists from different worlds, locked horns!

BRUMBedCoBook P pg 448 - Version 2

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