Bio: I am a lawyer and independent researcher, and the author of a non-fiction historical manuscript about mid-Atlantic 18th century pacifists ready for publication. Several authors think well enough of my written work to be ready to write a blurb for the eventual book jacket.

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  1. Eileen L. Brumbaugh Armstrong says:

    Interested in your publication since I became a Daughter of the American Revolution at encouragement of my deceased father, Jacob Maurice Brumbaugh… through ancestor (Joekel Kemper Brumbaugh) aka Jacob Brumbaugh. My DAR number is, 902846, because of Jacob (and also Johann’s) depredation during the Revolutionary era. Hoping to see that you found what ended his father, Johann Heinreich Brumbaugh’s life 2 years after arriving in the ‘new world’…and wondering if you found Johann’s burial plot or the Kemper book I found for Johann’s wife’s family wherein she was known widely as Widow Brumbaugh. She stayed in Virginia, instead of Conococheague or Morrison’s Cove,…near Luray, I believe. The Kemper book makes minimal mention of her deceased husband. DAR had an interesting reaction to my lineage as it went from John to Jacob repeatedly until after my generation. I am Eileen Brumbaugh Armstrong, (first marriage was Dimond)…my brother is Lauren Jacob Brumbaugh, …my first grandson is Zachary Jacob Combs:) I researched both female and male ancestors through the immigration in 1700s and a bit into the centuries before in order to give ‘credit’ to each side of the couples…choosing which family to use for DAR was difficult, but I decided to use Brumbaugh since Dad and Mom had used a reverse psychology that usually works on me, plus I found another membership related to mine in my early Brumbaugh research process.

  2. brumbaughline says:

    Are there any updates on the book being published?

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