Place Names in Brumbaugh Story

Bedford County (Pennsylvania): formed in 1771 out of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; 80 miles NW of Hagerstown.

Conococheague district: (pronounced Conica-‘JIG); named for particularly sinuous creek starting in Pennsylvania and running south to Potomac river at Williamsport, Maryland; where Jacob settled in 1753 until his death in 1799.

Clalands Contrivance: name of Jacob’s first farm; when added to, “Resurvey of C.C.”

Elizabeth Hundred: the small administrative district where Clalands Contrivance lay;

Hundreds were bigger than a town, smaller than a county—obsolete after 1810.

Elizabeth town: founded by Jonathan Hager in 1762 and four miles south of Jacob’s 

farm; became Hagerstown officially in 1813, but was often called that much before then.

Franklin County (Pennsylvania)- county just across border north of Washington County, Maryland.

Frederick County (Maryland)- formed out of Prince George’s County 1748.

Frederick town- founded by Daniel Dulaney, the elder, 1745; became county seat of county of same name.

Great Valley: valley in which Hagerstown sits between North Mountain on the west and South Mountain on the east; fertile plain on bedrock of limestone where Clalands Contrivance lay.

Hagerstown: founded 1762 as Elizabeth town; Washington County seat since 1777.

Huntingdon County (Pennsylvania): formed 1787 out of part of Bedford County.

Morrison’s Cove: fertile, agrarian valley in northern Bedford and Blair counties.

Washington County (Maryland): county formed out of upper Frederick County September, 1776. This is believed to be the very first of dozens of counties and towns across the country named for George Washington, here they adopted the name in 1776 when GW was an unproven commander in chief with little success to stake his claim on.

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