Jacob’s and Mary’s son Daniel S. Brumbaugh (1772- 1824)

Daniel S. Brumbaugh

Born in 1772, fourth among the children, Daniel married ca 1797 Elizabeth Long, daughter of John Long. They had 10 children, 6 girls and 4 boys.

In 1785 Johann Jacob arranged for sons Jacob Jr. and Daniel to purchase a warrant for 400 acres in Pennsylvania, for what was later called “Springfield farm.” This land was not surveyed until 1805 when it was found to have 407 acres in Huntingdon County contiguous to Bedford and patented to Jacob Jr. and Daniel.

Daniel was 27 and lived on the family farm in Washington Co, MD, when his father died in 1799. His father-in-law John Long died about 1816 and Daniel served with brother-in-law John Long, Jr. as co-administrator of his estate.

In the course of the settlement of Johann Jacob’s estate, Daniel became co-owner of a farm in Bedford Co, PA, with his older brother Henry.

Daniel first appears in the federal census in 1800 in Elizabeth Hundred where he also appears in 1810 next to brother Henry. Then in 1820 he is shown in Woodbury Township, Bedford County, PA, after he and Henry acquired some land there from Johann Jacob’s estate. He then came back to the Hagerstown area, as did Henry.

Judging by his personal property articles left when he died at age 52 in 1824, he was a essentially a farmer: along with the usual horses, cows, sheep, and hogs, there were two stills and apparatus, a windmill, a weaving loom and gears and flax seed; one road wagon and a small plantation wagon; copper kettles; barley, wheat, and corn; also, 10 shares of the Hagerstown and Conococheague Turnpike stock. The loom could have been inherited from his father Jacob who when he first came to this country was identified as a weaver. This is reinforced in that Jacob Sr. also died owning copper kettles, a windmill and two stills; on the other hand, these items are not so unique that it is inconceivable that Daniel acquired them on his own rather than from family inheritance.

At his death in 1824, he lived 4-½ miles north of Hagerstown. He is buried at Salem German Reformed Church in Cearfoss, MD. His wife Elizabeth lived until 1860 and she is buried there too.

Their children were: Susanna, Elizabeth, Daniel David, Louisa, Maria (Bosteller), Thomas Jefferson, Isabella (Bentz), Rosanna Caroline (Barr), Joshua, and Samuel.

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